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New single making noise across the globe!

Farrowtone and his team have been hard at work on his hot new single “Just let go” making waves all across dance floors from Germany to New York City. This all around artistic, creative, business savvy gentleman has not only been featured on US radio charts, playing at venues like “House of Blues” but he’s come across his other passion in Interior design and real estate. This creative venture has earned him the likes of reputable companies in in his home town of San Diego, CA. Like Lenny Kravitz and his Kravitz Design company, Farrowtone is building a similar vision of intertwining art, music, real estate and fashion into the mix and brand. Download the single to hear what all the hype is all about here: Just Let Go - Single - Farrowtone New material TBA soon so stay tuned…

Farrowtone Launches “Just Let Go” Dance Music Video Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign Launched


Support Farrowtone’s ambitious new dance music video for  “JUST LET GO”!



“Day 5 is AMAZING! I’m feeling AWESOME!”

Diana Stobo and Farrowtone

Preparing his green juice with some help from Diana Stobo for the next few days. Farrowtone is excited about the new foods he is putting into his body.


Farrowtone on Day 5 of Diana Stobo‘s Cleanse Diet – The Naked Challenge
Farrowtone on Day 5 of Diana Stobo's Diet The Naked Challenge

Farrowtone feeling spry as he prepares for his energy day filled with flag football and weight training.

JUST LET GO lyrics

New video with the lyrics to “Just Let Go”

Farrowtone - Just Let Go



“My Cart Looks Like A Tree”

Farrowtone The Naked Challenge Diana Stobo

Farrowtone and Diana Stobo go on a field trip to the whole foods store.
Diana shows Farrowtone how to plan ahead by taking him shopping for the weekend.

She explains, “Preparing his own food is essential to his success!”

GET NAKED AND JUST LET GO – The Naked Challenge – Day 4

Farrowtone is feeling energized and clear headed on DAY 4

Diana Stobo's Kale Salad for The Naked Challenge Cleanse

A loss of 6 lbs and is looking forward to eating his greens today! Diana Stobo encourages him to DRINK A LOT OF WATER as his body is getting rid of toxins!

GET NAKED AND JUST LET GO – The Naked Challenge – Day 3

Find out how DAY 3 of “THE NAKED CHALLENGE” went.

Sleeping like a bear and experiencing a boost in energy! Kale, Green Smoothies, Sprout Salad w Raw Sauerkraut!

GET NAKED AND JUST LET GO – The Naked Challenge – Day 2


Morning Glory Shake instead of Coffee!!!

Farrowtone will “Get Naked” and “Just Let Go” with Diana Stobo’s Cleansing Challenge


Farrowtone takes the challenge posed by his sister, Diana Stobo.

Diana is the author of the award winning books “Get Naked Fast! A Guide to Stripping Away Foods that Weigh You Down” and “Naked Bliss: Naughty and Nutritious Dairy Free Milkshakes”.

Farrowtone said, “He wants to create a middle ground,” in an attempt to create a healthy balance in his life. We will be chronicling his journey through this challenge…


Farrowtone Music Available for Download on iTunes

Farrowtone’s Latest Release is Available on iTunes

“This is a song,” described by Farrowtone, “is to my friends, my family, my fans and to the people of today. In this economy everyone is working so hard. They are stressed about jobs, money, etc. I wanted to write a song that would remind them to let that go. Even if it’s just for a night. JUST LET GO! Have fun. Live Life!”


Farrowtone-Just Let Go

Farrowtone R&B Soul House Pop Singer on Reverbnation

Farrowtone on Reverbnation

A sample of my music can be found on Reverbnation. Visit to listen and share my music.




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Michelle Renee

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LIGHTS ON SAN DIEGO Event at EDEN Puts a Spotlight on
Awareness and Current Global and Local HIV/AIDS Issues
LIGHTS ON SAN DIEGO event will be held on September 29th at EDEN in Hillcrest to benefit Being Alive San Diego.

San Diego, CA (September 20, 2011) – Even a county wide blackout couldn’t deter event planners and event goers from carrying on to help out a deserving local organization facing serious challenges after serving San Diegans with HIV/AIDS since 1989.

Even though there are millions of woman and children now suffering and dies due to complications related to HIV/ AIDS in an ever growing human trafficking epidemic, and there being more than one million people living with HIV in the United States, and nearly 70,000 in San Diego alone, AIDS/HIV awareness efforts have been relatively quiet the past several years.

WHEN: On September 29, 2011 9PM

WHERE: EDEN 1202 University Avenue in Hillcrest

WHAT: VIP Red Carpet and concert event featuring local San Diego hit R & B/POP artist Farowtone of Caelum Entertainment, DJ KURCH of Starry Eyed Music, and LA celebrity model Eric Kandell, along with up and coming JMWest Entertainment singer JUSTICE,

WHY: To bring awareness to a global cause (HIV/AIDS) while supporting local organization providing services and support for those living with HIV/AIDS in San Diego since 1989 , Being Alive San Diego.

“I am honored to work with Being Alive San Diego to raise funds and awareness for them. This is about helping people, giving back, and giving others an outlet to give back in a club or upscale cocktail environment where music can encourage people to celebrating life no matter what they may be dealing with.” says Farrowtone.

VIP Red Carpet arrival begins at 9 pm. General admission is a minimum suggested donation of $20. VIP package is $50 and includes VIP seating and 2 for 1 bottle service.

LIGHTS ON SAN DIEGO is sponsored by: 42 Below Vodka, EDEN, Nightlife San Diego, Michaels Printing, Rock Your Style, Jean-Michel Soupraya of JMWest Entertainment, and Caelum Entertainment.

“JMWest Entertainment is thrilled to introduce JUSTICE at such an important event to support Being Alive San Diego. I just know that, with her truly powerful pure vocals, her unique fearless style and her fun-loving spirit the whole world will soon be just as captivated by her as we are.” shares President and CEO Jean Michel Soupraya.

It will be an evening of music, Red Carpet spotlight interviews with the team from Rockwell Anderson Media, inspiration, and awareness for a worthy cause and one of San Diego’s longest standing organizations reaching out to those living with HIV/AIDS in our communtiy.


· Live studio performance/interviews with artists and Director of Being Alive San Diego.

· Global and local HIV/AIDS facts and statistics for segment discussion.

· Red carpet interviews

· Event press passes for post event coverage

Please contact Michelle Renee at VERB Entertainment Group for press passes, interviews, or for additional information. 760-809-5832

San Diego’s Top R&B Singer Farrowtone Keeps the Flames of Soulful Music Burning


Media Contact:

Michelle Renee

VERB Entertainment Group


With New Release on iTunes
R&B Singer Farrowtone Releases “Just Let Go” Avail Now on iTunes

San Diego, CA-August 21, 2011-Upbeat. Contemporary. Original. Soulful. All words that accurately describe San Diego’s own Farrowtone ( This R & B crooner who also can get a crowd on their feet with house hits like “Just Let Go”, has a way of releasing the kind of music that will stick in your mind for years to come.

Farrowtone’s voice is unlike any other on today’s R&B and house music scene. It’s strong, baritone with a hint of tenor, and with a refreshing, original sound that has Caelum Entertainment out of New York thrilled to represent such unique talent. Farrowtone can deliver a heartfelt ballad, then belt out a dance or mid-tempo tune that has San Diego clubs inviting him back for more.

Unlike his hit “Bedroom” that is an intoxicating, textured, and sensual mix, “Just Let Go” takes Farrowtone fans to a place where the stress of the day can be danced away with flashing neon lights and wrapped in infectious pop beats and melodies delivered with fun and passion.

“Some of us have forgotten that R&B music is to sooth the soul, not to abuse the mind and heart. It’s not hip-hop and it’s not rap. Yet mainstream seems to have lumped it in to those categories. I am honored to be among the many talented musicians of today brining R & B back into its own genre where it belongs.” explains Farrowtone.

Born Ryan Reza Farhood, Farrowtone grew up in Southern California influenced by Cuban and Puerto Rican culture on his mother’s side and Persian on his father’s. But the sound he fell in love with coming out of the speakers of his families stereo were the old school artistry of Motown: Marvin Gaye and the soul greats. Fate stepped in when Farrow was given the unprecedented opportunity to learn firsthand from one of the principal architects of that sound, the great songwriter and producer Brian Holland, of Holland-Dozier-Holland.

“My sound reflects my many interests when it comes to music. Overtones of pop and upbeat house. But my core is R & B. Knowing this keeps me focused and keeps me connected with my fans.” His fans can catch him at an upcoming performance at MASQUERADE on Saturday August 27, 2011, or for the highly anticipated international BLINK Campaign launch event at EDEN on September 8, 2011 starting at 9pm (

A meet and greet will also take place at AAIR Supper Club in the Gaslamp on September 7, 2011 from 6-9pm. AAIR also recently hosted internationally acclaimed artist Natasha Bedingfield for an invite only intimate performance.

For media inquiries please contact Michelle Renee at VERB Entertainment Group at 760-579-1032 or

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EDEN Hosting San Diego HIV/AIDS Awareness Event Featuring Farrowtone, Eric Kandell, Zena Foster, DJ Kurch and ROUGE

National BLINK Campaign event will be held on September 8th to Benefit Being Alive San Diego

08.30.2011– San Diego, CA (August 29, 2011) – Shannon Wagner of Being Alive San Diego says they are seeing 50 new clients per month. Even though It is estimated that more than one million people are living with HIV in the United States, rape and human trafficking spreading aids among women and children globally, and nearly 70,000 in San Diego alone, AIDS/HIV awareness has been bleak for the past several years.

On September 8, 2011 The BLINK Campaign will hold their inaugural event in San Diego at EDEN in Hillcrest ( VIP Red Carpet arrival begins at 9 pm and already the stars are coming out to show support. Confirmed guests include Timon Durrett from VH1 TV show “Single Ladies”, celebrity Host Zena Foster, renowed designer Francisco Medavog, and celebrity model Eric Kandell. Joining them will be the Founder of BLINK Tyrone Farley and Director of Being Alive San Diego, Shannon Wagner.

Performances by Farrowtone, and ROUGE, Bianca Jaime’s burlesque sexy show, will be supported by master of house mix music, DJ Kurch. General admission is $20, and VIP package for two that includes dinner, VIP seating, and 2 for 1 bottle service is $150.


ROUGH: 10:15

LOCATION: EDEN 1202 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Farley has become an avid campaigner for AIDS foundations around the country. It is a cause close to his heart. In March of 2011, Tyrone’s best Friend was diagnosed with HIV at a local Los Angeles clinic. Unable to cope with his diagnosis, the devastating emotional aftermath and stigma, later committed suicide.

This tragic incident forced Farley to structure of a national campaign focused more on breaking the stigmas and letting the world know that individuals with HIV/AIDS are people too, while raising money for smaller to mid-sized non-profit organizations.

“I am honored to work with such wonderful people in San Diego and with Being Alive San Diego to raise funds and awareness for them the same way we do for other AIDS organizations nationwide. This is about helping people, giving back, and giving others an outlet to give back also and in a club or upscale cocktail environment where our target audience is, not in a lecture hall.” says Farley.

For more information on the BLINK Campaign visit the website at


VERB Entertainment Group
Michelle Renee

BLINK is a campaign to increase HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention starting February 2011. The campaign will come together with other national community based organizations, to raise money and attend high schools around the United States to educate teens and young adults about HIV/AIDS. The BLINK Campaign will start in Los Angeles and move across the United States stopping in every major city as well as smaller cities.


“Being a song writer is an art form, and like any art form, the artist executes it in their own way. Every artist is unique. Individual interpretation is where art is born.”

For example – When going to an art gallery, and the exhibit is impressionism, all the paintings have their own take on style. Song writing to me is the same way….

The structure of a song stereotypically follows a format. Usually, this consists of verse 1, hook (chorus), verse 2, repeat hook (chorus), bridge, and a repeat hook at the end. Again, every song writer is different, but all usually linger around the same format. An artist might add a musical breakdown to add length or a break from lyrical content. This lets the listener enjoy the musical production until going back into an elaborate bridge or third hook. It is also a good way to end the song with a bang and break up the monotony of the usual format.

Don’t get me started on the format of a lot today’s radio friendly hits….LOL! NO lyrical content what so ever, just a constant repeated phrase lead in by a meaningless first verse, and a nonexistent second verse. NO lyrics of true deep emotion. No more melodic poetry to play for a loved one so you melt in each other’s arms. And no more awe inspiring words to listen to when you’re feeling down so you can pick yourself up after a rough day or a heart break. Most of what I hear out there is music that numbs you. No emotion, and no soul. I want to feel pain, feel happy, feel sad, and feel passion when I listen to a song. I want to feel the same feelings as in real life experiences. DON’T YOU? The crazy part is there are tons of bands, acts, groups, and solo artists that DO express emotion, but their art falls on deaf ears because it’s too deep. Music is supposed to be deep!

I write songs based on my feeling at the time. If I had bad day I’ll express it in a song. If I meet a girl I like she might inspire me to write a song. Or if a relationship ends, I might be inspired to write a song. All of these examples have to do with why music was created in the first place. It allows an artist to express them self, and have an outlet. This is why I write songs. I want to express my feelings not hold them in and go numb. Life is to be experienced whether it is good or bad. WHY BE NUMB?